short plays

Here are a collection of Spenser's short plays (10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute) written over the years...
The list is ongoing.



During a one-way trip to Mars, the first gay couple in space goes through the first gay breakup... It might just be enough to totally ruin the astronaut-food guacamole one of them just made. 10 Minutes. Dark Comedy.

City Theatre & Island City, Florida
Chicago Dramatists
The Runaways, Chicago


Tonya shoves her fingers down her throat. Sara walks in on her. Tonya hides in the basement art studio. Sara holds a painting hostage. Thanksgiving for these sisters just jumped up a notch. A darkly comedic glimpse at the endless cycle between shame and eating disorders, SICK is a minimalistic two-person play about sisters, teeth bared, fighting with (and for) each other. 10 Minutes. Dark Comedy.

The Arc Theatre, Chicago
Spartan Theatre, Chicago



A star executive at a Chicago-based technology firm finds himself in the hot-seat after a cocktail waitress accuses him online of groping her inappropriately. Freaking fast and ferociously funny, GRABASS is about an Internet accusation with a 24-hour turnaround time, and the way in which the world has lost patience with boys behaving badly.
10 Minutes. Dark Comedy.

American Theater Company, Chicago
Chicago Dramatists

Finalist, Heideman Award (2017)



Two roommates discover that they’re characters in a ten-minute play. Which wouldn’t be horrible, except they’re pretty sure when the play ends, they die. The first ten-minute play Spenser wrote (and the first one to be published), MINIMALISTIC MEN asks: If everything you’re doing and saying is preordained, then what’s even the frickin’ point? 10 Minutes.

”Best Ten Minute Plays of 2012,”
Smith & Kraus New York

The Second City, DeMaat Theatre
Chicago Dramatists’s Saturday Series
Appetite Theatre’s Bruschetta Fest
and colleges across the country