Every Other Tuesday

written by elise marie davis. produced by broken nose theatre.
part of bechdel fest 6: Revolution @ steppenwolf 1700.

Members of a lesbian erotica bookclub called Every Other Tuesday (because they meet every other... you get it) face discrimination when their application for a table at a local community event is denied. The reasoning? "This is a family event."  Tempers flare when one of the event's reps decides to deliver the news in-person.


written by elise spoerlein.
produced by first floor theater as part of fitzfest.

As a woman and her daughters celebrate her late husband at an annual barbecue, the youngest casually admits that his death might not be without its perks. "I became who I am because he's gone," she admits, "and I like who I am."
Upfront examines the selfishness that goes hand in hand with mourning what you've lost.