world premiere
p. elise spoerlein    c. broken nose theatre

February - mARCH 2016 @ THE DEN THEATRE

A PHASE - Poster.jpg
An approachable, insightful, and charming production. I enjoyed every minute...
— Brianna Katz, Third Coast Review

Newly single after a break-up that caught her off-guard, Sam realizes that her now-ex-boyfriend of five years was the only guy she’d ever known… in the biblical sense. She had placed sex on a pedestal, only to find herself now alone. In a crappy apartment. In a new city. The key to breaking out and moving on? Kick over the pedestal. A PHASE is a hilarious World Premiere that takes the well-worn tropes of the “girl finds fulfillment in a man” story and flips them on their ear, as Sam explores sex as a way of owning her life and the choices she makes along the way.

Spenser Davis’s direction for Broken Nose Theatre is clever and efficient...
— Tony Adler, Chicago Reader
[Captures] exactly how people talk to the point that it occasionally feels like you’re eavesdropping on the conversations
happening onstage.
— J.R. Pierce, Chicago Stage Standard